The results-obsessed

financial ad agency that

delivers on time, on budget



Better results

Working with a specialist agency that is truly focused on delivering results will inevitably deliver better results.


In a traditionally structured agency, you communicate to the account director/manager who relays the brief to the creatives.  This not only slows things down, it also creates a risk of misinterpretation. Our multi-skilled structure reduces turnaround times substantially.  And because our creative people are also your account managers, our strategic and creative response is more accurate.

What we stand for

We believe that the best results come from advertising that's on song. Advertising that does more than just speak to your audience or resonate with them. It sings.


Gillespies has been based in Sydney since inception in 1996 but our clients are located all over Australia. They will tell you we're creative, strategic, results-focused, quick to respond and easy to work with.

Two things set us apart. First of all, we're financial specialists. With unrivalled depth of experience in all strata of the financial services industry (both B2B and B2C) chances are we already have a sound understanding of your business, your target markets, the media that reach them and the messages that move them.

Secondly, we have a multi-skilled structure with no division between creative and account service.  So the account service people you deal with are the same people who create your communications.

​The outcome? We can respond more quickly, more accurately and with better results.​

Here's a litmus test

Do you regularly get first round designs and copywriting from your agency that require no changes at all – from neither marketing nor compliance? You don't? Then talk to us.